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Lithuanian-Latvian-Lithuanian Parallel Text Corpus

The sentence-level parallel text corpus (approximately eight million running words), consists of modern (1990s and onwards) translations of different genres from Latvian into Lithuanian and vice versa. The corpus enables research in various fields and allows the creation of dictionaries, language acquisition materials and other language resources and tools.

A. Utka, K. Levane-Petrova, A. Bielinskiene, J. Kovalevskaite, E. Rimkute, D. Vevere
Lithuanian-Latvian-Lithuanian parallel corpus
IOS Press, 2012
A. Utka, K. Levāne-Petrova, D. Vēvere, G. Rābante-Buša, J. Kovalevskaitė, E. Rimkutė
Lithuanian-Latvian-Lithuanian Parallel Text Corpus (LiLa)
CLARIN-LV digital library, 2013
Corpus size 8M words
Development period 2011–2013
Developers Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science UL, Vytautas Magnus University
Funding Latvian-Lithuanian Cross Border Cooperation program, “Development of Research Infrastructure for Education in the Humanities in Eastern Latvia and Lithuania” (HipiLatLit)
Other publications
E. Rimkutė, A. Utka, K. Levane-Petrova
Lietuvių–latvių ir latvių–lietuvių kalbų lygiagretusis tekstynas LILA
Studies about Languages (Lithuanian-Latvian, Latvian-Lithuanian Parallel Corpus (LILA)), 70-77, 2013