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Corpus of Early Written Latvian Texts

A specialized corpus based on the early Latvian written sources (both printed and manuscripts) of the XVI–XVIII cc. The corpus provides word indices thus facilitating the study of lexis, morphology and syntax of the early texts and serves as the basis of "The Historical dictionary of Latvian (XVI–XVII cc.)".

E. Andronova
The Corpus of Early Written Latvian: Current state and future tasks
University of Birmingham, UK, 2007
E. Andronova, A. Spektors, P. Vanags, M. Baltiņa, A. Trumpa, E. Trumpa, N. Grūzītis, R. Siliņa-Piņķe, A. Frīdenberga, E. Skrūzmane, S. Ķauķīte, L. Pretkalniņa
Corpus of Early Written Latvian Texts (Senie)
CLARIN-LV digital library, 2024
Corpus size 2M words (2.7M tokens)
Data period 1507–1800
Development period 2002–..
Developers Latvian Language Institute UL, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science UL, Faculty of Humanties UL
Funding State Research Programme "Digital Resources for Humanities" (VPP-IZM-DH-2020/1-0001); State Culture Capital Foundation
Other publications
E. Andronova
Short Texts in the Corpus of Early Written Latvian
E. Andronova, R. Silina-Pinke, A. Trumpa, P. Vanags
The Electronic Historical Latvian Dictionary based on the Corpus of Early Written Latvian Texts
Acta Baltico-Slavica, 40, 2016