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Corpus of News Portal Comments

A corpus containing comments from Internet news sites,, The specialized corpus platform and its tools are designed to study aggression in the comments of news portals. The toolkit allows to identify the news of Internet portals that are most aggressively commented, as well as to study aggressive communication trends.

A. Rozukalne, V. Kleinberga, N. Gruzitis
COVID-19 News and Audience Aggressiveness: Analysis of News Content and Audience Reaction During the State of Emergency in Latvia (2020–2021)
Corpus size 26M comments (642M tokens)
Data period 2011–2022
Development period 2011–2022
Developers Riga Stradins University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science UL
Funding Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia; Friedrich Ebert Foundation; State Research Programme to lessen the effects of Covid-19 (VPP-COVID-2020/1-0013)